Fashion For Your Fur Baby

Spoil the one who loves you the most. Your fur baby deserves the very best, dress them with style and comfort. Winston Manner offers a fablous range of syles all made with bamboo strapping for comfort.

Fablous Fashionable Dog Harnesses

  • Bamboo Dog Harness

    All for our dog harnesses are crafted using soft bamboo strapping around the neck and waste. Being a natual fabric it is softens and doesnt cut in. Providing the perfect soft fit for your dog.

    Dog Harness 
  • Bamboo Dog Collar

    Fablour ranges of styles and fabrics. All of our dog collars are linned with bamboo strapping for a soft comfortable feel around your dogs neck. This soft fabric reduces the rubbing that can occur with artifical fabrics.

    Dog Collar 
  • Bamboo Dog Leash

    We all know that feeling when our dog pulls so hard we get rope burn! Our dog leashes are made with bamboo strapping which is soft to touch. A comfortable feel around your arm but with bamboo strength.